cleo the cockatielWe lost a member of our family yesterday. Our sweet little cockatiel named Cleo died after a short infection that caused a fluid build-up in her abdomen. She was 18 years old.

Although she lived a long life, and may have been relatively old by bird standards, up until the day prior to her death, she had been eating normally.

She had not been singing as frequently since her first episode with this infection on October 27, 2014, but she still had her moments when she was singing and happily swinging or flitting around the room.

Cleo was, in a sense, a rescue bird, because she was aquired by her caretaker, Sean, when she was just months old because the person who initially took her from a pet store was too irresponsible to care for her. Sean’s first response was to give her back, but after going back to the pet store to attempt a return, he found he could not resist her bird charms, and ended up going home with Cleo and a plethora of supplies.

Sean never kept Cleo caged, but allowed her to roam free around the various homes he inhabited over the years. Cleo has been around the country with Sean on comedy tours, and has stayed many a night in hotel rooms, and she has visited many fun places.

Cleo was a bird who was strongly bonded to her primary caregiver Sean, but she also tended to love men more than she did women. Since she was a female, this might have been a girl thing. After all, Sean was her one and only love.

Cleo did bond with my son, Justice. She would chirp uncontrollably when he would come into the room or when he pet her. She would screech at him loudly every time she saw him until he finally came to see her. I think she may have had a crush. Hey, it’s ok to love two people at once.

I loved Cleo as well, and she loved me in her own way. She liked to yell at me alot, but when I would take a shower, Cleo would have to take a bath and get clean as well. She would sometimes let me pet her, and I know she considered me part of the flock. She just had a thing for men. She is female, so no surprise right?

Some of the things we will all miss the most about Cleo is the way she used to say Hoo Hoo whenever her beloved Sean would come into the room. We will also miss how she would call out when we were cooking, because she knew she would get a little something of each meal.



We will miss her beautiful singing voice, and her song that Sean liked to call the Happy Song. We will miss seeing her little head poke out above her food bowl, because she always had to know what was going on in her flock. We will miss the way she waited to eat until we were eating. We will miss how she always went down to her perch to wait for petting when Sean went into the bathroom, because she knew he would come out and pet her. She would bow her little head and wait for his touch.

We will miss her little kisses and curious glances. We will miss her bright orange cheeks, and her little tuft standing up when she got concerned or alarmed. We will miss her sometimes coming into the kitchen when we were cooking, because she could not wait for the food. We will miss how testy she got when it was nighttime and we bugged her when she was trying to rest.

We will miss her cleaning her tailfeathers, rubbing her beak together when she was content, massaging herself on her swing, and walking around her little table looking for a place to lay an egg. We will miss her looking in the mirror next to her and playing with her bird friend that lived in the mirror.

In short, we will miss everything about Cleo. She was a special bird. She changed my life, and I will always be grateful I had a chance to know her.

Cleo, you will always live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved you. We miss you so much, and we mourn your loss, but we also celebrate a life well lived. Rest in peace Cleo.