A letter to the prime minister

Dear Prime Minister,

You have been so progressive on so many other issues, and you are becoming a renowned leader worldwide. I would like you to take a moment to think about the reasoning behind ending the seal hunt.

Humans have made great strides in our intellectual evolution, however, if you observe how we treat other species and the earth, you will notice that we may lack a level of empathy and emotional maturity that is necessary to reach a new level of humanity.

You can be a leader in helping humankind take these first steps towards a world where all species are recognized for their intrinsic value, as opposed to how they can serve humankind. By lifting up all species, we raise our own level of consciousness.

Please do not bow to the pressure of those who do not have sufficient cognitive ability to understand why it is necessary to stop these mass slaughters.

You want to be on the right side of history. There will come a day when people say, “I cannot believe we murdered animals to use for food and as a commodity.” This day will come sooner if our respected leaders stand up to the status quo and fight for the position that stands for justice and truth.

I believe you can do this. I believe in you as a leader, and as a compassionate human being.

Please, stop the seal hunt, and please consider going vegan to set an example for the world. You can make the difference. You can be the one leader who was on the right side of history.

I believe in you.

Thank you,

Robin McDaniel