Lab grown meat has been in the news recently, and I had a vegan friend who posted the question to Facebook asking what vegans thought of lab grown meat. Not surprisingly, there were a variety of response, including people who are all for it, those who are completely against it, and others who are somewhere in between.

So..this is difficult. I think that veganism is about ensuring no animals suffer harm, or are utilized by humans in any way that causes them suffering. If, and I say if of course, lab flesh can be grown, without enslaving, murdering or in any way harming animals, I do not really see anything wrong with it.

Granted, I think it is disgusting to consume flesh, but it is really not about how I is about not causing harm to animals. I think we know there are some people who will not stop consuming animals. As a matter of fact, beef consumption is growing in countries like China. If we can grow it in the lab, and not harm animals doing it..we can provide these people with the flesh they crave, and not be doing a disservice to other creatures.

My feelings are mixed, but overall, I think it may be a good thing for all of us. What do you think?