Eating meat does cause both environmental destruction and human starvation. Let me elaborate.
Firstly,veganism is not a fad. The belief that animals are not a commodity simply to be utilized by humans has been around since at least 500 BCE.  In many underdeveloped countries, poor people work to grow food for developed countries, who then turn around and feed the food to farm animals for ‘wealth’ people to consume (wealthy meaning you can afford to purchase animal flesh). Therefore, many people who grow food in underdeveloped countries, who might otherwise have consumed that food, suffer, and often die of starvation.

Secondly, every second, an acre of land in the Rainforest is cleared. The vast majority of this is to use for grazing animals. Almost 45 percent of the landmass worldwide is being used for grazing animals, and meat consumption is only growing as human population dense countries such as China make more ‘Americanized’ food choice.

Finally, Factory farming is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas GHG emissions, which are largely responsible for climate change.Pollution caused from factory farm runoff and over fishing is polluting our oceans, and the heating of the atmosphere due to GHG from factory farms is contributing to the melting of ice, which then pours into our oceans, thereby raising sea levels worldwide.

Yes, we are very likey a blip in the whole scheme of things, and in the end, animals and humans die. But is it really about the end, or is it about the now..the moments. These animals live in what must seem to them like endless suffering every moment of their short, tortured lives. People who are starving around the world due to the selfishness of meat eaters are also caught up in this cycle.

Maybe you should ask yourself, what kind of person would knowingly contribute to this?.