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Vegan for health, for the environment, and most of all, for the animals!

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Living vegan in a world where carnism is the norm can be difficult, but not for the reasons that many people think.

Because at this point in history, vegans are in the minority, it is often more challenging to find places that serve vegan fare, people who share our values, and enjoyable activities related to our philosophy.

This is where South Florida Vegan hopes to fill a void. The whole idea of a vegan website that is specifically geared to the South Florida market is to help our fellow vegans, and those looking to become vegan, more easily find information related to the vegan lifestyle.


  • Veganism is important for the environment 95%
  • Veganism is important for the animals 100%
  • Veganism is important for health 90%
  • Veganism is important for the happiness of all creatures 100%

There may occasionally be articles here not specifically focused on South Florida, and restaurants or events in other areas of Florida, but let’s face it, we like to travel sometimes, don’t we? The whole point is to bring as much information together in one place so vegans who live in the South Florida area will have an easier time in finding what they need.

Please shoot me an email if you feel there is something we can add to the site. I hope South Florida Vegan helps you to be a better you!


Vegan for health, for the environment, and most of all, for the animals!

Go Vegan!



Author and Educator

Robin is a long time vegan and animal rights advocate. She is a passionate supporter of animal rights and environmental causes, and is constantly striving to attain a deeper awareness of how to spread awareness of the plight of animal suffering and the many detrimental consequences of the animal agriculture industry.

Robin holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership with a specialization in instructional design, and is working on a concurrent degree in her real passion. sustainability, along with a PhD in Adult Education.

As a passionate South Florida vegan, Robin is always on the lookout for great vegan restaurants, stores and events.



Author and Health Contributor

Justice is a certified Master Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast. As a long-time vegan and healthy eating advocate, Justice works tirelessly to help people to understand the effect healthy eating and fitness can have on their bodies.

Justice has been a professional fitness trainer for several years, and works with people of all ages to help them attain their health related goals.

As a native South Floridian, Justice has insider knowledge of the best vegan restaurants and activities. He loves to communicate his ideas through blogging and being active in the community.



Researcher and Author

Sean is an artist, entertainer and South Florida vegan. As an entrepreneur, Sean manages his own business though which he is able to both entertain and educate.

Sean supports the animal rights cause through both hands on action and blogging. He maintains a healthy vegan lifestyle, and is always on the lookout for great places to eat and visit that support the vegan cause.

As a food and drink connoisseur, Sean is particularly good at finding or creating great vegan recipes, and is an awesome vegan chef.